Warm Weather Can “Weather” the Electrical System in Your Home

Warm Weather Can "Weather" the Electrical System in Your HomeIn the spring and summer months on Long Island, as the weather begins to heat up, it can take a toll on your electrical system.

You can help to protect your electrical system and your wallet – from the stresses of spring and summer by following some of these simple tips.

Don’t Blow It

Heating and cooling can make up almost 30 to 50 percent of your electric bill, making it one of the biggest stressors on your electrical system. However there are many ways to reduce that stress, including:

  • Keep the air filter clean
  • Clear your outdoor system and indoor vents of debris and blockages
  • Address any ductwork leaks
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Schedulee a professional cleaning and tune-up once a year


Keep It Cool

Your refrigerator is among the largest consumers of energy in your home. Reduce energy guzzling by:

  • Ensuring seals are clean and tight
  • Keeping the door closed
  • Maintaining proper operating temperture: 37° to 40°F in the refrigerator and 0°-5°F in the freezer


Keep Things from Boiling Over

Water heating can comprise up to one third of the energy expense in your home. The hotter the temperature of the water, and the more it is used, the harder your electrical system is forced to keep up with the heating demands. Summer is hot enough; you can cool your use by:

  • Setting water heater temperature to 120 degrees
  • Properly insulating your tank
  • Taking a shower instead of a bath
  • Turning hot water and your heater off when you don’t need it


 Electrical System Let It All Hang Out

Hanging clothes on the line rather than running the dryer, the second largest energy-consuming appliance in your home, can keep your home and energy bills from becoming too hot to handle.


Fire up the Grill

Using your stovetop or oven in the heat of summer can really put a strain on your air conditioner and electrical system. Save some money, enjoy the outdoors, and maintain comfort by firing up your outdoor grill instead.


Flip the Switch

Turning items off that are not in use rather than letting them run such as lights, laptop and mobile devices, TVs, radios, and more can take a lot of pressure off your electrical system. Lighting in the average home accounts for 12 percent and electronic devices another 10-15 percent of electrical usage!


Unplug It

So many appliances and devices can put a strain on your electrical system by just being plugged in (even when they’re turned off)! The biggest offenders include televsions, computers, microwaves, cell phone chargers and anything with a power adaptor, indicator light, standby function, or clock. Unplug these items or plug them into a power strip, flipping them off when they’re not in use.


Stay Out of the Spotlight

Outdoor lighting fixtures are heavily used during the spring and summer months. Updating to more modern technology for outdoor lighting such as motion sensors, timers, and LED bulbs will not only save money on waited energy, it can also increase security.


If you are energy smart during the spring and summer months it will pay off. If you are interested in upgrading any of your lighting or electrical services to more a more efficient level, contact the professional electricians at Marra Electric. They are fully licensed and insured and have been providing quality electrical services to residents and businesses throughout Long Island since 2004. Give them a call at 631-772-8576 to set up an appointment today.



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