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Power outages impact your convenience, visibility, and safety. However, with the help of generator installers near me, you can be confident that you’ll have the power to do more than just keep the lights on during severe weather or equipment malfunction.

The standby power of each home varies, but you can rely on our generator installation company to provide a custom solution that is ideal for your property. Our generator installation specialists will provide you with the best equipment available.

Our  installers   provide comprehensive service, from residential electrical installation to troubleshooting and repair. Our generator installation technicians have wiring experience and can handle any project on time.

Our experienced generator installation team can:

  • Excavate cable trenches
  • Build all foundations and groundwork
  • Deliver the generator to the site
  • Install a generator and test the entire system
  • Provide all operation manuals and wiring diagrams
  • Provide training to employees on how to operate the system safely
  • Leave you with a fully operational generator

Reasons To Purchase A Home Generator

Installing a generator comes in handy when you need it. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners enjoy their home generators.

1) Safety During Emergencies

A home generator provides security for your home and family during an emergency. An emergency generator ensures that your lights will continue to shine.

2) Power Supply During Emergency

An emergency power supply ensures you get power even during extended emergencies. You can stay safe at home.

3) Sustainability Benefits

Generators are sustainable energy sources as they emit less carbon monoxide than electricity.

4) Availability During Blackouts

Blackouts can cause falling in the dark, mistaking medications, and fire hazards from candles. If you install a generator it ensures that your family never faces these dangers.

Marra Electric has established itself as the most dependable home service provider in Suffolk County, NY. We guarantee a smooth and seamless generator installation experience.

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We promise to provide professional services from start to finish. We ensure the successful completion of our projects.


We take pride in our trustworthy, ethical, and genuine work environment critical to long-term success.


We take everyone's safety seriously and take the necessary precautions. We follow all the procedures to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Generator Installation Tailored To Your Requirements

Our home generator installation company has what you need, whether you need a portable unit or a whole-house standby generator. Our emergency generator installers provide unparalleled service. Our extensive, industry-leading Generac installers near me are ready to work.

We begin with an in-home consultation, which examines your permit requirements. This procedure entails inspecting your home’s electrical meter, gas lines, circuit breaker panel location, and wiring specifications and determining whether natural gas or liquid propane is best for your home generator system. 

Before final installation, our emergency generator installers provide you with a price estimate and financing options. In addition to our accurate assessment of your property and power requirements, our specialists bring expertise to the installation process.

You can be confident that our home generator installation company is highly trained and experienced in working with any size of the home generator from leading manufacturers. We provide convenient installation or replacement processes during an emergency for whole-house standby generators. Call us today to plan your installation.

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