Residential Back Up Power Systems

With all of the devices we use today that require electricity, Having constant electric in your home is more important than ever. You have options when it comes to backup generator power.  Whether it be a portable generator setup or an automatic standby unit, We can help you make the choice that best fits your needs. Power outages can happen at any moment. Whether it is a failure in the power grid ,storm related or a damaged utility pole resulting from an accident. You don’t have to be left in the dark. Call us today to talk about your best option.

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This is a great affordable manual transfer option for households that own a small portable generator up to 7500 watts. It allows you to pick up to 6 circuits out of your existing electrical panel to be transferred from the utlity to the generator power source. It is mounted on the wall next to the electrical panel. Great for unfinished areas such as a basement utility room or garage.

Marra Electric control panel

An interlock kit mounts inside the panel out of site. These are great if your panel is mounted inside a finished wall. These are very simple to use.These allow you to pick whatever circuits you want to be controlled by the generator. Every kit is custom fit to each panel. We recommend having a generator that is rated for 7500 watts or larger.

A standby generator can be a great option if you are looking to have your whole house come back on line after a power outage without lifting a finger. No more lugging that generator out of the garage and getting it started every time the lights go out. Most portable generators cannot be left out in the rain or snow. A standby generator will turn on automatically within 10-20 seconds of a power failure. If you have natural gas at your house these units are perfect. No more worrying about lugging around cans , keeping fresh gas available, or worse, Running out. If you don’t have natural gas, these units will also run off propane. A properly sized tank could last for a week or more. These generators basically maintain themselves needing only minor maintenance every year.

Marra Electric generator