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Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity globally for several years. With technological advancements and more models and options available, electric cars are the future! By keeping your charging station at home, you can extend the range of your vehicle and never worry about charging your battery.

Our goal is to simplify the installation of your new home charging station in New York as much as possible. Our electric vehicle customers typically go electric for one or two reasons.

The main reason is to save money on their expenses, and the secondary reason is to be more environmentally conscious. You will receive the highest quality EV charger installation service from us.

Marra Electric has a team of EV charger installers near me to contact if you own an electric vehicle & need a charging station installed at your home or business. Our certified electrician provides home EV charger installation services to simplify owning an electric car.

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Electric Car Charger Installation

Our Electric Car Charger Installation Process

1) Inspection

Our tesla certified electrician will inspect your electrical panel and the current electrical load in your home. Your electric vehicle will require additional power, and we want to ensure that your current setup can handle it.

2) Upgrade

If we discover that your panel cannot handle the additional load that charging an EV would add, we will upgrade your electric panel up to the required speed.

3) Location

Once we’ve determined that your electric panel can handle the extra amps, we’ll work with you to design a layout that allows you to charge your vehicle conveniently.

4) Installation

Once the ideal location has been determined, our EV charger installers near me will run an independent 40-60 circuit to the charger, sufficient to power 240-volt EV chargers.

Why Choose Us For Electric Car Charger Installation?

On-Time Services

We understand how valuable your time is. We guarantee that you will not have to wait all day for a car charger installation technician to arrive at your place.

Verified Technicians

Our EV charging station installation technicians are licensed, experienced, background checked, and drug tested. We provide comprehensive residential services because we have experts in every field!

Up-Front Pricing

We inform you about the project cost before it begins. There will never be any surprises. We are an honest company that has earned the trust of our customers.

Same-Day Service

We provide same-day service to any residence. Our EV charging station installation experts arrive at each job site fully prepared to complete the job on the same day!

Benefits Of Installing An Electric Car Charger

Marra Electric specializes in the installation of residential and commercial EV car charging stations, with an emphasis on quality and convenience. Below are the advantages of installing an electric car charger.

  1. Having an EV car charging station on your property will increase its value.
  2. Tax credits are available for office or business owners who install an EV charger on their premises.
  3. EV charging stations are an investment in transportation’s future.
  4. Car charger installation will distinguish your company and position it as an environmentally conscious organization to potential employees.
  5. You will make it easier for employees, customers, and visitors to charge their vehicles on-site.
  6. It’s simple to set up. You only need one parking space and a plug-in station.
  7. You can save money on gas because electric cars have lower operating costs than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Over 95% of electric car charging is done at home, so why settle for a slow or poorly configured charger? Let the car charger installation team at Marra Electric place fast electric chargers where you need them. Call us today to know more!

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